KERALAM - Museum of history and heritage

According to pre-historic and historic evidences, Kerala has had a continuous history of more that 3,000 years. It was interestingly the lure of spices that led to the most momentous epoch in Kerala's history - one that ended with the formation of the state on November 1, 1956.

At KERALAM, this eventful history of Kerala - from the Stone Age to Iron Age, from foreign invasions to trade relations, from the evolution of kingdoms to the emergence of New Kerala will once again come to life.

The openness and catholicity of Keralan society will be on display at KERALAM that offers visitors an endearing taste of Keralan life in a Nalukettu, the traditional Kerala home, complete with a Poomukham (reception area), Nadumuttam (courtyard) and Adukkala (kitchen).

Enter KERALAM to take a trip back in time to this spice-scented land.

Keralam has for you a range of exhibits that would make you familiar with the many facets of the land like its people,traditions, lifestyle, art,trade and many more.
Culture Shoppe
After spending your time in the museum,some of the exhibits, especially figures in metal could be of attraction to you; sometimes to the extend of buying it.
Visiting Time
Keralam - Museum of history and heritage is open on all working days except Mondays & public holidays.

Visiting time: 10.00 am to 05.30pm
Entrance fee
       For Indians :
               Adults- Rs. 20
               Children - Rs. 10
       For Foreigners:
               Adults - Rs. 200
               Children - Rs. 50